St. Anne Faith Formation

Registration for Faith Formation (Religious Education)

Register your children for faith formation classes in just a few steps. This is a registration form for faith formation programs available in English. For faith formation programs available in Spanish please click here.

Step 1 - Create A My Own Church Account (Click here to see other steps)

What is a My Own Church account? It's your own personal tool for managing your family's records, information, financial giving history, and religious education registration. You'll need to create an account in My Own Church in order to register. If you already have an account, click here.

Let's Get Started

Creating an account is a one-time process and takes just a few minutes to complete. Click on the button below to visit St. Anne's ParishSOFT website to create a My Own Church Account. This will take you to a New User Registration page located at:

Register for a My Own Church Account


Here's what the page will look like:

New User

After you have successfully created your My Own Church account return to this page and click on Step 2 - Register For Faith Formation Classes. If you need assistance resolving a problem, contact us for help.

Step 2 - Register For Classes

Welcome back! You're now ready to register your children for our various faith formation programs: Catechesis of the Good Shepherd (CGS), B.A.T.T.L.E., B.O.L.D., Children's Sacrament Prep, Jr. High Sacrament Prep, High School Sacrament Prep, Children's RCIA, and High School RCIA. If you need more information about our programs, click here.

Here are a few easy instructions to assist you in the registration process.


How to register and pay for a class using My Own Church

First, log in to My Own Church.

Then, visit the Online Registration Screen.

NoteNote: If you are using a mobile phone you will need to click the "Full Site" button at the bottom of the screen in order to see the "My Faith Formation" tab.

Select a term and click the Add Student button. (image below)

- Fill in the registration form that pops up.

- Click the Save Student button.

Add student Save student

The registration information displays to the screen.

- If it looks correct, click Submit Registration.

- If you need to make a change, you may click on any of the provided links to update the information.

submit registration

After submitting the registration, you will receive a confirmation screen.

- It will confirm the information and let you know to expect an email.

- You will see a Pay Now button at the bottom of the form. You may click the Pay Now button to pay for your class.

confirmation screen after submission

Expect two emails. Depending on your email service provider, the first email may take up to 24 hours to arrive.

- You should receive one email acknowledging that student registration has been received.

student receives email that registration was received

- You will receive another email within approximately a week to confirm registration or to ask you to make another choice if your selected class is filled.

Registration approved

Are you ready to begin?

Click the button below to log in on My Own Church and register for classes.

Register For Classes

Content on this screen was copied and adapted from ParishSoft

Step 3 - Pay For Classes

Click here to open this payment page in a new window.

If you have any questions about payment please call the parish office at (480) 507-4400.

Step 4 - Upload a Baptism Certificate